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Insurtech - Fintech & Intelligence Provider

Neopolis development designs and deploys innovative experiences and cutting edge technology for brands and their users. Discover our expertise and contact us to find out more.

Who we are

NEOPOLIS DEVELOPMENT is a multidisciplinary Digital Services company. Founded in 2018 as the successor for 2kip (2007). The Company today have many projects spread around the world and led by advanced team of engineers.

NEOPOLIS DEVELOPMENT develops in offshore, nearshore and provides IT human resources in terms of skills and editing CRM / BPM software for different sectors (insurance, banking ...)

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From strategy to creation

Neopolis development provides HR professionals with decision support tools for their projects, offering high added value within the scope of the following activities:

International professional opportunities

A stimulating environment where talent and merit are rewarded.

A 360 ° vision of your project

To better define your goals and achieve your results, you need to know who you are, where you are going from, what are the means you have and in what context you are evolving.

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Collaborative space

The "Active-Collab" space supports groups of collaborators when it comes to sharing information or working together dynamically. This tool can help coordinate projects, activities and agendas or exchange ideas and review work documents.

Strengthen organizational efficiency, with project-oriented access for all forms of collaboration
Enhance information: Be able to find, enrich, comment on it
Customer Access
If you wish to benefit from the advantages of collaborative online work, you are invited to send an email request.
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