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CRM & BPM "encapsulated" into a single solution!

A CRM-BPM solution that provides you with a package of tools and features to help you
optimize and automate your business cycle and better exploit your customer portfolio.

img1 CRM BPM 4 CRM BPM Interface

The CRM-BPM interface

Is an agile platform integrating sales modules, marketing, customer service and analytical functions. This platform allows you to:
  • Visualize, manage and simplify all business processes of the company.
  • Make the right decisions at every step of a business process.
Our software is available in "SaaS" mode is aimed at SMEs and is already in production at major accounts and thus manages platforms for sales prospecting and after-sales service in the field of insurance in France.
img3 CRM BPM 4 CRM BPM Interface

Give a boost to your business processes !

Our solution is a complete suite of business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM).

It offers an infinite number of features for significant change and rapid adaptation that will accompany your business throughout its development.
Unleash the potential of your intramural and field teams, giving them quick access to their processes, documents and tasks from any web or mobile terminal.

Automate tasks and save even more time

Thanks to the CRM-BPM interface repetitive tasks are automated, so your sales team will spend less time
on data entry to invest more in wealth creation.
Minimal human involvement in the processes will therefore greatly reduce the risk of error.

schéma CRMBPM English 2 CRM BPM Interface

Unite all sites with unified communications

Neopolis development offers a complete software that combines the functionality of the PBX system, mobility, collaboration and messaging.
Our solution embeds a powerful unified communications system that can be activated individually on any workstation.

Even more advantages:

img5 CRM BPM 4 CRM BPM Interface