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Data Warehouse et Analytics

Modernize your organization's
data warehouse

The place of the "Data" has become central for companies and its valuation has been essential.
We work in consultation with our customers to provide them with innovative solutions tailored to their needs.

Independently, we advise on the solutions of the most appropriate publishers.
The intervention of our teams allows managers to have key information enabling them
to make tactical decisions, adapt their strategy and realize sustainable benefits.

Leverage our know-how around the Data

Advice on the architecture of your databases: Audit of the existing, feasibility, advice and recommendation of Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Accompanying your integration, migration and data recovery projects.
  • Optimization of the architecture and performance of your data warehouses.
  • Creation of structured data models answering business issues.
datahouse 4 Data Warehouse & Analytics

Exploit the potential of your data

Neopolis Development offer there clients complete industry solutions optimized to meet their reporting needs.

With our solutions, businesses can leverage the potential of their data to provide a fresh insight into the business.

Generate user-friendly reports!

Our experts use technologies, processes and applications to analyze your data and generate user-friendly graphical reports.

They help you better understand your business, allowing you to make better business decisions, gaining ground in the face of competition.