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clouds 1 AI & Deep learning

See the work of your life done with AI

Preventing diseases, building smart cities and revolutionizing analysis
These are just a few examples of what is happening today thanks to the AI and all its vastness.
Deep learning was only a theory until teams around the world started implementing it.
Today, this allows organizations to turn innovative ideas into tangible results.

Voice-Based Natural Language Processing and understanding (NLP / NLU)

Although NLP is often associated with chat or text interfaces, voice is they of the business for call center applications, mobile phones, IoT smart devices ... Treatment, intelligent recognition, humain voice generation, noise detection, sensing emotions, accents ... that need to be overcome to provide a good user experience. We work on extraordinary projects by contributing to open source projects of Mozilla in relation and integrating business solutions with a lot of expertise.

On the fast track towards AI

The establishment of Data and the connection of all its capabilities, along with a massive increase in computing power, makes AI an unavoidable reality whose primary purpose is to turn Data into valuable information and create tremendous opportunities for companies.
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Software for each Deep Learning Solution

Get access to high performance computing for in-depth learning on your desktop. From virtual desktop to optimized applications through workstations where optimized containers in the cloud. Find everything you need to get started with deep learning using a computer wherever you want.


Neopolis Development has designed a "Predict-Hub" solution that can also make predictions that provide you with decision-making information and offer recommendations for each stage of business process. To adopt the right attitudes for your clients prospect, Predict-Hub executes two actions sequentially:
  • Boost the profile
    A lack of knowledge of the prospect from its behaviour on the Internet (social networks).
  • In-depth analysis
    From a compilation of data extracted from the Internet, from the prospecting history of similar profiles as well as basic information provided on the card (age, family situation, address, current contract...).
Predict Hub 1 4 AI & Deep learning