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Robotic Process Automation

What is Robotics Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic process automation (RPA) enables companies to automate tasks on their It tools (Office, email response, accounting software, CRM...). Robotic automation interacts with the IT architecture in place without any "system integration" complex.sans aucune "intégration système" complexe.

Robotic process automation

RPPS can be used to automate workflows, infrastructure, and back-office processes that require a lot of effort. These software bots can interact with an internal application, a website, a user portal...
RPA is software that runs on a computer, laptop, or end-user's mobile device. This is a sequence of commands that are executed by robots under a defined set of management rules.
IMG1 RPA 4 Robotic Process Automation
IMG2 RPA 4 Robotic Process Automation

The main goal of RPAs

The main goal of RPA is to eliminate tedious and time-consuming tasks by setting up virtual staffing without the need for direct development or access to application databases.

Example of applications


Patient registration.


Management of service orders.
Rapport qualité.


sending of purchase orders.
Rapports de ventes.


Traitement de réclamations.
Information on bonuses and refunds .

Travel and logistics

Ticket reservation.
Passenger details.

Banking and Financial Services

Activation of the cards.
Claims for fraud.
Customer discovery.

Human resources

Registration of a new employee
and verification of formalities.
Payroll process and remuneration.