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Secret-Sex-Buddy.com Is Using AffairAlert.com To Scam You

Web Site Details:

Secret-Sex-Buddy.com is actually someone website into real dating website. In this particular situation Secret-Sex-Buddy.com has been always deliver men and women to a dating web site labeled as AffairAlert.com. Initially the individuals exactly who head to Secret-Sex-Buddy.com need to submit a questionnaire. The questionnaire could be answered any way yu want you will still become approved to become listed on AffairAlert.com. We’ve currently authored a thorough report exposing AffairAlert.com if you are an entire and total con. look looking for femdom the report by going to this link.

How Scam Performs

This site is not necessarily the actual dating con they also have accompanied in a small business commitment with Affair tuned in to send folks to that site. Work of Secret-Sex-Buddy.com would be to deliver as many men that you can with the site. Secret-Sex-Buddy.com is actually paid with a per member sum. For every single participant that signs up on AffairAlert.com the master of Secret-Sex-Buddy.com receives cost for each and every and each brand new individual that joins the website. The owners of this site not just promotes this online dating con however they additionally advertise various other dating cons eg SeekingMilf.com, another dating internet site that we reported on earlier and then have recognized it as a con.

You can evaluate Secret-Sex-Buddy.com to a stock broker knowingly marketing an useless inventory to their investors while understanding even while it really is ended up being worthless to purchase. The agent is getting men and women to purchase something the guy knows is actually junk. This is the exact same because of this business owner. The guy understands that guys will  maybe not hook-up with any ladies on the webpage (due to the fact women are phony) but he nonetheless promotes your website because he can make funds from it.

Above artificial females that have been fabricated by AffairAlert.com and SeekingMilf.com these websites additionally use a number of techniques we’ve got taken to light. Included in this are phony emails delivered from fake females within their particular strategy of enticing visitors to update and purchase a monthly subscription. In general there’s almost no chance to me legitimate ladies on any sites advertised by Secret-Sex-Buddy.com since they’re known cons.

Hosting Server Tips:

  • Address Of Host: 9958 Crescent Park Drive, Western Chester, OH, 45069, United States
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Secret-Sex-Buddy.com Email Address :

  • Mobile: Incapable Of find.
  • Address: Struggling To get a hold of.
  • Mail: [email secured]

Concluding Decision:

As stated above it would appear that all of the internet dating sites that Secret-Sex-Buddy.com partners with a known frauds to make sure that makes the owner for this web site a scammer as well, basically.

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